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This was my entry for The Sugar Geek Show - Fashion Cake Competition:

"Sarah Jane - newb - I have been cake decorating for just over 2 years. Before that I was a Fashion Designer and seamstress. I had created two couture fashion lines that where each in a Fashion Show. When I found out about the competition being about fashion, I knew I wanted to create a cake for the competition, I just wasn't sure what. I decided that I wanted to do a cake based on a dress that I had designed. I designed this dress about three years ago.

The top tier is embossed to give it texture like l ace and the board matches. The bottom tier is a double barrel(my first), I did a double barrel to emphasize length in the legs because fashion sketches always elongate the legs, a fashion body is 9 heads long and most of it is in the legs, which I usually made a bit longer in my sketches :) The roses are made from wafer paper that I airbrushed on both sides, then cut circles then spirals and wound up, which actually worked perfectly because that is pretty much how they were designed out of fabric for this dress. They are in yellow, orange, red, blue, indigo, and green. they start on the side at the bottom front and go up the back and across the bottom back. I did white sugar pearls on the bottom of each tier to resemble beading on the gown. I also luster dusted both tiers to resemble satin and it's beautiful shine.

Like any fashion shoot should be on a beautiful day (which is starting to become rare this time of year in Calgary) I shot this cake outside in my backyard....but maybe I should have found a barn or a big tree, but it is too late now as I made it all out of real cake and we ate it last night."

Here is my inspiration picture that I designed.

Like I said I made it out of real cake, the bottom tier was limeade and the top tier was Kara's Couture Cakes Perfect Vanilla Cake(and it is).

See some more photos HERE!

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