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Happy Birthday Bryan!

Happy Birthday Bryan! This year Bryan got two cakes because I was feeling ambitious and I baked too many cakes!! This one went to work with Bryan so all the people at his office could enjoy some cake!

For this cake I wanted to keep it simple, almost like a cake you would get at a grocery store with chocolate oozing down the side and a simple bottom border and the name written in buttercream. This cake though is covered in fondant with all the details in black fondant with bronze painted on the black to give in a rustic antique look. The name is one big long rope that I wound into his name to look like handwriting, and a candle with wax dripping to finish it off. The board is also decorated to look like a wood floor or cutting board.

Everyone at the office loved it and kept telling Bryan happy birthday and thanks for the cake!

Want to see some more photos?

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