Calgary Sugar Craft Guild Cake Competition 2015!

The Calgary Sugar Craft Guild held their 3rd annual cake competition the first week of November. These are the two pieces that I submitted into the competition. The top picture is the piece I enter into the Professional Sugar Sculpture category, I call it 'The Hound', I placed third with it in the category. It is sculpted with modeling chocolate and colored with petal dusts. The eyes and nose have corn syrup to give them a wet look. The second picture is my entry for the Professional Star Wars / LEGO category. I did a sugar sculpture with Vader on the back, he is risen out from the board almost like a quilting affect. Then I painted Rolkem silver to give him a light casting on him affect and beneath him is his diligent arm of black lego men. My inspiration was a picture from the new movie with the Sith Lord over seeing his army of Storm Troopers and Officers in black. This piece is all made from Renshaw black fondant and painted with Rolkem Silver. I love this piece and I can not wait for the movie to come out in December!!

Check out more photos of 'The Hound' and 'Vader & the Black LEGO Army'

This is my inspiration for 'The Hound'

And my inspiration for 'Vader & the Black LEGO Army'

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